Child Protection Program since 1998

Ages 8 - 11

Children are curious and want to explore the world. They like to test their parents' limits, but don't know their own. This brings with it dangers from which we must protect our children, because parents are not always there to protect children. This makes it all the more important to empower children and give them knowledge that will enable them to protect themselves.
In our SecuKids® - safety training we strengthen the children's intuitive abilities at an early stage. They learn how to deal with fear and how to use it positively for themselves. In addition, we strengthen the self-confident appearance, so that the children do not fall into the victim role. Through exciting role plays, the children learn how to deal with violence and how to act correctly in dangerous situations.
This safety training is suitable for all children who need to become safe, strong and self-confident at an early age.

Duration: 180 minutes