Child Protection Program since 1998

Ages 5 - 7

Violence in daycare centers is considered a taboo subject today, because it is hard for many to believe that children already experience violence in daycare centers. In reality, however, children often have to assert themselves against dominant children of the same age and are often not yet able to set their own limits and express their will. But other forms of violence also occur more frequently and children are often unable to classify for themselves what violence is and where it starts. They are then overwhelmed by such situations and withdraw.

In our SecuKids® safety training for the little ones, they learn in a playful way how to protect themselves from violence. With small role plays and through descriptive and easy-to-understand stories, the SecuKids® instructors:in show how children recognize dangers and act correctly. This also includes body language and voice. They also teach the children how important it is not to put up with everything and to gain strength and power through their own behavior

This safety training is suitable for children who will soon be moving from daycare to school, or simply for children who need to become safe, strong and self-confident at an early age.

Duration: 90 minutes