Child Protection Program since 1998


The SecuKids® safety trainings are designed according to the "less is more!" principle, because children are quickly bored and/or cannot concentrate for long. Therefore, due to the subject matter, we consider it particularly important to achieve a lot in a short time, so that quickly implementable and sustainable results, for the protection of children, are achieved. When it comes to child protection, there is no room for experiments - which is why we have been making children safe, strong and self-confident since 1998!  

Strong children are proven to be less likely to be victims of violence and bullying!

In our safety training, the SecuKids® instructors teach the children how important their own body language is, for example, and what "signals" it sends out. We use intuition and perception to train the children's danger radar and how this can help them avoid getting into dangerous situations. SecuKids® also teaches the children how important it is today not to do everything to please others, because they also have rights that they should assert without becoming perpetrators themselves. SecuKids® helps children to gain inner strength and self-confidence through their own behavior.